Everything You Could Buy in Vietnam for the Price of a Tank of Fuel!

The average fuel price in the UK is around 58GBP for a full tank of fuel. That's a little more than 1.7 million Vietnamese dong!!!


Now for the fun part. If you were to hop on a plane to Vietnam and exchange that money you would have spent on petrol, this is what you could buy with that sweet 1.7 million...

113 beers! Talk about making friends at the bar…


A fully tailored, custom suit or dress from one of Hoi An's famous garment makers. Look good, feel good baby!


Gourmet Dinner for you and 10 mates in Ho Chi Minh. A culinary experience for you and your whole posy.


8 traditional Vietnamese massages. Exploring the world is hard work! Treat yourself right! 


150 jumbo water bottles, you've gotta stay hydrated! 


A suitcase of crazy things you didn’t even know existed! Walking through bustling street markets, you’ll find incredible handmade art and Vietnamese delicacies not found anywhere else in the world.


So what's it gonna be, another tank of fuel or all of this epic stuff? what are you waiting for…get on that plane! Click here for everything you need to start your Vietnam adventure!

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