Your Guide to Finding Street Art in Vietnam

Credit: @Frenemy

Saigon Outcast

There’s something for just about everyone here: live music, movie screenings, flea markets, rock climbing, skateboarding, and tons of food and drink options. But for any art lovers wandering the grounds, check out their array of street art. The murals are the result of regular graffiti competitions held at the location, so no matter how many times you head over, there’s always something new to see.



Credit: @L’Grace Igh

Little Japan

If you’re looking for some of the city’s best sushi or a couple glasses of chilled Sapporo in the middle of Saigon, Little Japan is the place. But while you’re there, be sure to make your way through the area’s famous graffiti alley. It’s become a favorite with young people around the city, as well as tourists looking to explore Saigon’s underground art scene.



Credit: @The Graffiti Hub

Mai Gallery

Like most major cities, to discover Hanoi’s best-kept secrets you’ll have to travel down a few alleys. Located off the bustling Le Thanh Tong, Mai Gallery showcases work from contemporary Vietnamese artists. This space can be hard to find, but look out for the vibrant pieces of street out opposite the front door to help you find your way.



Credit: @Rose

Hanoi Ceramic Road

Street art is usually underground and hard to find, but this 6.5 km wall is hard to miss. Installed on the walls of the Red River dyke, exploring the ntirety of this meticulously crafted mosaic may take a couple of hours. It currently holds the Guinness World Record title of the World’s Largest Ceramic Mosaic. The colors are vibrant and the detailing is impressive, making it the perfect place for both an art walk and a waterside stroll.



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