10 Things Everyone Who Has Lived In A Hostel Can Relate To

1. The deep sorrow of dropping your toothbrush on the floor in the communal bathroom

2. Spending every night plotting how you will confront your roomie about their snoring but always being too scared to mention it the next day

3. Doing your absolute best to stay in on a Friday and save money but ending up like this every Saturday morning…

4. Complaining about the low standard of the free breakfast but never ever missing it

5. Becoming best friends with someone and then feeling devastated when they leave on their travels

6. Waiting for weeks to pounce on the next free bottom bunk only to find the hostel newbie has already taken it

7. Spending your days avoiding the lad/lass you pulled on your first night out at the hostel

8. Eating your cereal with a knife because there are no spoons left

9. Constantly saying you’re looking for a flat and can’t wait to have your own space but never really making any effort to leave your hostel home

10. The pure joy of having an endless supply of friends who are always ready to get drunk or go exploring with you


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