It’s always a good time to go backpacking in Australia! It’s generally quite hot in most parts of the country for the majority of the year except for the southern half of Australia during winter (June, July & August). But because Australia is such a big country, when it’s cold down south most people will head north and follow the sun!

You'll be surprised with how cheap tours in Australia can be! From 10 to 28 days, our tour options include all transport, stunning accomodation, some meals, an awesome tour guide and an awesome group of new friends to travel with. Simply scroll down for our pricing, and secure a space on our trips from $400/ £200/ €200

From years of experience operating in this beautiful country, we know 9 - 28 days is the most optimal amount of time to spend on the East Coast of Australia. This gives you enough time to see the absolute best of the coastline, plus some epic hidden gems!

You need a visa to travel to Australia. There’s information about the different visa options here
If you are applying for a Working Holiday Visa make sure you apply for it at least a month before you are due to travel. If you have any questions about getting a visa for Australia then just get in touch with us!

While a week can be enough time to get a taste of Australia, we usually recommend you stay a little longer, so you can properly enjoy all of the incredible things this country has to offer without missing anything. By joining one of our group tours we’ll fit as much into the time you have available as possible, with all the best bucket list inclusions sorted for you!

A group tour that includes a balance of city and coastline is the best way to see Australia! Having all of your accommodation, transport, activities and some meals already organised for you means you can fully enjoy the destination without any added stresses.