Whether you're planning a gap year, craving an adventure, need to hit reset, fulfil a dream or simply take a break from your routine, a working holiday visa is your ticket to a year of discoveries, new experiences, unique work opportunities, travel, new friends and challenges that will grow you as a person. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should do a working holiday in Australia or New Zealand.

Fund your travels - Working in the country you plan on travelling means you can fund your adventures sustainably, scrapping the need to save for years beforehand or go into debt to travel.

Expand your social circle - You may begin your journey travelling solo, but you won't be alone for long. Australia and New Zealand are incredibly popular working holiday destinations for backpackers from all over the world, and you'll also make connections with locals as you build your network. The best part of travel is the people you meet along the way, and we bet you'll find some friends for life.

Make lifelong memories - You’re not going to make any memories sitting on the couch… the world is out there. A trip overseas will broaden your perspectives, and by extending it with a working holiday visa you have an even better opportunity to immerse yourself in a country’s sights, people and way of life - impressions that will stay with you long after your visa ends.

Personal growth - Living abroad is a unique opportunity to rack up some serious life experience. On a working holiday visa you have the chance to work in jobs you might not normally do back home, expanding your comfort zone and impressing future employers with flexible, marketable skills. A working holiday will be fun, but will also teach you how to be self-sufficient, how to organise your life, how to work well with others and how to budget, and that's just the tip of the iceberg! We know it's a cliche, but throwing yourself into the unknown will force you to get to know yourself better. What you accomplish overseas may surprise you - if you can move to the other side of the world, you can do anything. And have some pretty great travel stories for the grandkids, too. 

Common backpacker jobs in Australia and New Zealand such as bar work, office/admin, cafe work, construction, tourism, and farm work pay quite well with minimum wages starting around $18 - $25 per hour. With the right advice, preparation and approach, job opportunities are plentiful!

As part of Oz Intro & NZ Intro you'll get lifetime membership to our Jobs Programs. This includes exclusive access to our Oz & NZ Jobs App, the one-stop-shop for finding work including a live job feed where tons of job opportunities are posted daily from our network of employers. With INTRO on your side you can rest a little easier knowing we're here to help get you earning ASAP!

Natural beauty, welcoming locals, liveable cities, fantastic work/life balance, travel opportunities... you name it, Australia and New Zealand have got it by the truckload. There's a reason Australia and New Zealand have regularly been voted the most liveable countries in the world!

Most travellers start their adventure in a hostel that can cost anywhere from $20 - $35AUD a night, then continue using hostels as places to stay and socialise as they travel and settle in. 

Hostels usually have long-term rates once you decide where you want to stay, but most people find that moving into a share house or shared apartment is best.

Rent for a room in a house or apartment will range from $150 - $300AUD per week depending on the type of accommodation and the area you're in.

You must have a valid visa to visit and work in Australia. 

There are a few different visas for going backpacking in Australia, and it’s important you understand the conditions of the visa you travel on. The Australian Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is an inclusive program as you don't need specific training, experience or a degree to apply. The only caveats are your nationality, age, and having enough money saved, but this is absolutely doable once you set your mind to it. 

Click here to learn more about your Australia visa options.

You must have a valid visa to visit and work in New Zealand. We can apply for your visa so you don’t have to stress at all!

There are a few different visas for going backpacking in New Zealand, and it’s important you understand the conditions of the specific visa you travel on. The New Zealand Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is an inclusive program as you don't need specific training, experience or a degree to apply. The only caveats are your nationality, age, and having enough money saved, but this is absolutely doable once you set your mind to it. 

Click here to learn more about your New Zealand visa options.

Absolutely! Our Oz Intro and NZ Intro work and travel packages are designed for people who want to meet others to travel with, and you'll be meeting people from the moment you land. Most working holiday makers on our trips arrive solo but stay in touch long after the group tour finishes, and often end up travelling, working or moving in together.

Meeting new people from all over the world is one of the best parts of travelling, and with INTRO you're guaranteed an instant crew of friends to make memories with. 

There are a bunch of important things you’ll need before starting work in Australia or New Zealand including a local bank account, phone number and Tax File Number (Australia) or IRD number (New Zealand). These tax reference numbers are important to set up so you can work legitimately, and without one you'll pay a lot more tax than you should.

You'll also need a good quality CV/résumé and a local phone number so you can be contacted by potential employers.

The good news is we can get all this sorted when you join us on Oz Intro or NZ Intro! We're experts at all the boring stuff as well. 

Medicare is Australia’s universal health insurance scheme. Australia has a reciprocal health agreement with 11 countries around the world to provide Medicare to people of those nationalities. It's pretty great, allowing access to a wide range of health and hospital services at low or no cost. But while it does provide baseline health services, it is by no means a replacement for travel insurance, which is always recommended to get before travelling to Australia. On Oz Intro we'll explain how it all works and get you set up in the Medicare system if you're applicable.

New Zealanders enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive and heavily government-subsidised healthcare system. Travellers on visas can use New Zealand healthcare services at a low cost. On NZ Intro we'll explain the ins and outs of the NZ healthcare system so you understand how it works when travelling on a working holiday visa. As always, you should still get medical insurance from home before you travel.

On Oz Intro and NZ Intro we'll open a local bank account for you. We recommend transferring your money into your new account ASAP to avoid high international bank fees - Wise is a reliable and easy tool for this. 

There are ATM’s available throughout Australia and New Zealand so it’s easy to access cash, but most places accept card so you won't need cash often anyway.

We hate talking about it too, but tax is a fact of life and in Australia and New Zealand it's no different! 

On Oz Intro & NZ Intro we’ll help you understand how tax and superannuation works in your destination and organise any refunds you may be due on your working holiday so you’ll have more money to spend on your travels. 

Certain jobs such as bar work and construction require you to complete specific training. For example, a bar job in Australia will require a 'Responsible Service of Alcohol' aka RSA Certificate. A construction job will require a safety certificate, often referred to as a 'White Card'.

We’ll explain all that's needed and can book you onto any necessary training courses after Oz Intro or NZ Intro.

Full of beautiful scenery, world-class cities and activities for every type of traveller, there is no wonder Australia and New Zealand consistently top travel bucket lists!

Once settled in Australia or New Zealand it's fairly easy to travel around. Hop-on-hop-off bus routes are popular in both countries, you can get good deals on domestic flights, or you can hire or buy a car or campervan for road trips. 

We’ll be here to help with your travel plans for the entire time you’re living in Australia and New Zealand. And one of the best things about living down under is your proximity to Asia! Wonderful destinations like Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Japan are just an affordable flight away, so make the most of your time on this side of the world and travel as much as you can! 

We operate tours in all of these countries and more, so we can help plan your onward journeys in Asia and give you tons of travel tips.

If you have any questions about travelling around Australia, New Zealand, Asia or beyond, please contact us. We love talking travel. 

Want to know more? For more info about what to do, where to go, how to save money, travelling solo, finding accommodation, getting around and more, check out our Ultimate Backpacking Guides.