Adventure can be found in most places when you travel, however some destinations certainly come out on top when it comes to offering diverse and thrilling opportunities. Australia and New Zealand are playgrounds for outdoor adventure, South Africa is known for its thrilling safaris, and South-East Asia is packed with epic hikes, waterfall chasing and Island hopping. See below for more of our epic adventure destinations!

The travel landscape is forever evolving, and so are your individual travel interests! These are our 2024 recommendations for the best destinations to visit for adventure:

South East Asia: Experience a mind blowing array of unique and bucket list adventures across Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia on our Epic Asia tour.

Australia: Learn to surf, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef & much more on our 28-day Oz East Coast Adventure!

New Zealand: Are you after adrenaline, magnificent scenery, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities abroad? Our NZ North + South tours are the ultimate adventure!

Thailand: From the roar of tuk tuks in bustling city streets to the call of distant monkeys in a dense rainforest, Join our Thai Intro 18 Day tour to experience a country FULL of adventure!

South Africa Adventure: From spotting the Big Five on safari to summiting Table Mountain, our South Africa Adventure tour is sure to bowl you over!

Philippines: Canyoneering through waterfalls, swimming with sardines or staying on deserted islands - our Philippines Island Explorer is the ultimate adventure!

Mexico: Swim in magical cenotes and discover ancient mayan ruins, no destination screams adventure quite like our Viva Mexico tour.

There are so many awesome adventure activities you can do when you travel, but here are our top 6 adventure activities and where we best recommend doing them!

1. Swim in a Magical Cenote (underground river) in Mexico

2. Experience an overnight hill tribe trek in Chiang Mai, Thailand

3. Snorkel in the magnificent Whitsunday Islands in Australia

4. Canyoneer through Waterfalls in the Philippines

5. Spot the Big 5 on a Safari in South Africa

6. Hike up to the rushing Huka Falls in NZ