Our longer group tours are designed to see the absolute best of the destination, plus also dive deeper into some unique hidden gems, all with plenty of downtime to chill and explore at your own pace!

Our longer tours are packed with activities, here are just a few of our awesome inclusions:

  • Snorkelling with Manta Rays and exploring tropical islands by bicycle on our Epic Indonesia tours.
  • Soaking in hot pools and experiencing Maori culture on our 17-day NZ tour.
  • Bamboo river rafting in Thailand, traditional mud fishing in Vietnam and enjoying a Tuk Tuk tour of Cambodia are all included on our 38-day Epic Asia tour.
  • Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and driving a 4WD along the beach in our Oz East Coast tours.

There are many destinations you should visit if you have more than two weeks, and our longer INTRO tours are designed to show you the best of the best! Whether your learning to surf in Australia, Crab Fishing with the locals in Vietnam or experiencing the beauty of both of the NZ islands, our longer tours are PACKED with epic itineraries, with a balance of seeing the best highlights and also trekking off the beaten path!

If you've got longer than 2 weeks and are looking to knock more than one awesome destination off your bucket-list, we recommend combining multiple INTRO tours and doing them back-to-back.

You can do this by adding each tour to your cart before checking out, or if you're unsure on timing and how best to package our tours together, reach out to our awesome reservations team and they will help you plan and put together the trip of a lifetime!