5 Types Of Nights Out Every Backpacker Has Experienced

The Blackout

You wake up with a half eaten McDonalds in bed beside you, wearing part of someone else’s fancy dress costume and dozens of selfies featuring you and people you’ve never seen before in your life. Everyone at the hostel keeps reminding you how funny you were last night but you have no recollection of what happened the night before and sometimes it’s better to never find out…

The Friendship Maker

There is no greater way of cementing a new friendship than a big night out. Whether you bond over your love for margaritas, the same taste in cheesy music or your mutual appreciation for a greasy kebab, a night out with a new friend sometimes shows you’ve made a friend for life, not just to travel with.

The Big Blowout

You’ve been living on a diet of instant noodles and suspiciously cheap wine for weeks but now it’s finally time to let loose and forget your backpacker budget for one night only. The whole night has been perfectly documented on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat; no one at home needs to know your backpacker night outs usually involves necking a bag of goon in your hostel then dancing to Justin Bieber on some of the world’s stickiest dancefloors.

Liquid Confidence

We’ve all been there, you arrive alone at a new hostel where everyone seems to know each other and you’re feeling too shy to introduce yourself. After a few cheeky drinks you’re brimming with confidence and introducing yourself to everyone in sight.

The Adventure

If you arrive somewhere new in the evening it’s likely your first exploration of your new destination will be carried out in the dark after a few too may drinks at the hostel. No one knows where you’re heading so your night out typically involves a lot of blundering around in the dark looking for bars and clubs.


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