Adorable Animals You Can Only Meet in Australia

There’s no place in the world like Australia. And while the country boasts rich culture, world class food, and breathtaking landscapes, perhaps it’s greatest asset are the furry heartthrobs that call this place home.


Keep up! These pudgy bundles of joy can waddle up to 40kph


These friendly grazers sport babies in their pouches and love it when you rub their belly’s!


Koala’s sleep over 18 hours a day. What a life!

Golden Brushtail Possum

Damn! Even the possums are cute here.


Quokka’s are physically incapable of frowning and enjoy napping the the shade. They're so smiley that they've been dubbed the 'happiest animals on earth'.


Is it a duck? Is it a rabbit? Is Australia a real place?

Tree Kangaroo

This is getting absurd.


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