Do Something Different For Work on Your Gap Year

Sydney is beautiful, whether you spend the day at Bondi Beach surfing the waves or exploring the gorgeous Blue Mountains looking for unique Australian creatures, or hanging out by the iconic Sydney Opera House, there’s something special around every corner and I know you’ll fall in love with it – just like I did!

When I first came to Sydney, I had no plans; no knowing what job I was going to apply for…..nothing…but had been reassured that finding work would be relatively easy. Originally, I thought I would end up getting the standard backpacker job of either bartending or working in a hostel, but that idea changed. During my first week I visited Sea Life Aquarium and had the thought that it would be a pretty cool place to work… little did I know that I would be spending the next four months there! My advice on getting a job on your gap year is to be as imaginative as possible, try something new and get out of your comfort zone. Why not do your PADI and become a dive master, work at a surf camp or get a job as a tour guide? There are endless opportunities out there, what’s the point in doing something you could have easily done back at home, or spending the sunny days in a country you've wanted to visit for ages crammed into an office block? It’s easy to look up places to see if there are any jobs available and that is how I found my position at Sydney Sea Life Aquarium.

At Sea Life, I worked on a boat ride that travels through the Penguin enclosure (one of a kind may I add), where two adorable species of penguins, Gentoos and King Penguins live together. I never in a million years thought that I would be a ride operator or work in an Aquarium but I have loved this job so much, getting to know the penguins as well as meeting and working with some amazing people. Put yourself out there and get inspired, your gap year is the time to try new things and experience things you wouldn't back home! 

This article was written by Elle Rose Holmes, read more about her travels on her blog here!

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