How To Make Your Backpacking Memories Last Forever

Journaling Apps

Journaling apps help keep a detailed record of your travels with minimal effort. Day One ($35 USD per year) automatically logs the weather, exact location of the journal entry as well as the date and time any photos included in the app were taken. If you want a free journaling try Diaro which has similar features but requires you to tag your own locations.

Video Diary

Video a snapshot of your day everyday whilst you’re travelling so you can watch it all back when you get home. If you’re feeling creative try using Windows Movie Maker to create a more professional video montage by adding music, transitions between videos and titles.


Keep it old-school with scissors and glue and create your own scrapbook. Save your tickets from tours, museums, national parks and anywhere else you go and collect other mementos like postcards, festival wristbands and leaflets to complete your scrapbook. Use photo printing websites (which often let you print your first batch for free) to get your printed out photos delivered to your home address so you can add them to scrapbook as soon as you get home.


Travel blogs are not only a great way to record your thoughts whilst travelling but can also help your family and friends stay in touch by reading your blog. If you don’t want the whole world reading your deepest thoughts create your blog on WordPress so you can password protect each post. On the other hand writing for an audience might help you write high quality posts more frequently and you might even make a career out of it!

Display Your Mementos

Display mementos and souvenirs around your house to remind yourself of your adventures.  Collect shells and sand from your favourite beaches and display them in a cute jar at home to remind you of your trip or create a framed collage of photos, tickets and postcards.

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