Places You Can’t Miss Out on the East Coast


Get your heart racing in Australia’s adventure capital by jumping out of a plane strapped to your newest best friend (after all, you’re trusting ‘em with your life). If you get uneasy on planes, why not bungee jump off a bridge instead? After all, all your friends are doing it. End your time in Cairns with an exhilarating whitewater rafting trip down the Tully or Barron River.



Does the name Steve Irwin ring a bell? The Home of the “Crocodile Hunter” features a lot more than just crocodiles. Cuddle up with a koala, take a walk with some wombats, or come learn what a Binturong looks like. Who knows, you might even run into Irwin’s kids, Robert and Bindi.



Otherwise known as paradise, Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. It has a lot more than just sand, however. Spend the day exploring the island’s lush rainforests before basking in the sun on Indian Head, the most easterly point of Fraser Island, offering panoramic views of the ocean. Relax from your day of exploring by taking a dip in the Champagne Pools--natural swimming holes along the rocks by the ocean.



Made up of 74 islands, the Whitsundays are the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a pina colada while sailing in the sparkling blue waters. If you stop by between June and September, you might even spot some whales on their annual migration. Protecting the Whitsundays is the famous Great Barrier Reef, the next must-see stop on your East Coast adventure.



Find nemo and all of his other friends in the Great Barrier Reef, whether you just want to snorkel or decide to stay around for a few days to learn to dive to new depths. Of course, you could always get a bird’s eye view by skydiving above the reef and landing on the white sand beach below.



Seeing koalas in a zoo is great and all, but how about witnessing them in their natural habitat? Magnetic Island is the perfect place to watch these guys chilling out in the gum trees. Hire a 4x4 and take it for an adventurous drive up to Forts Walk, which will take you through historic military sites that have the best views of the ocean below. Make sure to stay at Base, consistently rated the best hostel in Australia! Beach parties happen every night here but try to catch a Full Moon if you can! 



You can’t go on an Aussie adventure without shredding the gnar at least once. Hang loose in The Wreck, a beach known for its sick surf break, and named after a shipwreck that you can still check out there. This coastal town has a lot to offer, from rainforests to incredible food (you’re going to need it after all that surfing!), to killer sunsets.


After you've toured the best of Sydney on Oz Intro, we'll get you set up with everything you'll need to make your trip to the East Coast one for the books. 

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