The Six Types Of People You Meet In Hostels

The Party Animal

She’s guaranteed to be found at the hostel bar every night of the week harassing everyone in the vicinity to join her on a drunken rampage. Whether you’re still nursing last night’s hangover or just heard your granny’s died, no excuse is good enough to deter the party animal from dragging you on a night out.


The ‘Stud’

This guy insists he’s a natural with the ladies and a girl has never turned him down yet. He appears to be oblivious to girls fleeing in the opposite direction and his reputation as the sleaziest guy in the hostel.



Grandpa is constantly referred to as ‘that really old guy’ and but in reality he’s is only 38. Grandpa missed the chance to travel in his younger days or he’s a seasoned traveller who has seen the whole world, either way his ability to out session everyone else has earned him the respect of the hostel.


The Poser

The poser has never been seen looking anything but flawless and came travelling to ‘find herself’.   If you become her friend expect to also become her personal photographer and take several hundred photos of her so she can select the perfect ‘candid’ shot for her Instagram feed.


The Super Long Termer

This long termer has been around so long it’s questionable whether they can still be considered a traveller. They’re friends with all the hostel staff and know the details of all the hostel gossip.


The Stingy One

The stingy one can be found rummaging in everyone’s food bag but their own and most likely invented the ‘you pay for my taxi and I’ll get you a drink in there’ line. They never have their bank card or cash on them when you head out for a day trip or meal and always ‘forget’ to pay you back.


The One You Click With

Finally, you'll meet someone who is a lot like you. You bonded over a mutual dislike for the guy who leaves his dirty laundry all over the room and now you wouldn't know what to do without them! You've both promised not to leave for your travels without the other one and you know you've found a friend for life! 


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