The Stereotypes of Australia: What’s Fact and What’s Fiction?

Thanks to movies like Crocodile Dundee and the power of the internet, heaps of stereotypes about Australia have emerged throughout the years. Plenty of them are true, but many of them couldn’t be further from reality.  


Aussies have their own slang language

While Australians technically speak English, sometimes it is like they are speaking their own language.  Everything is shortened and there are so many random words they use. If you were wondering if they really say “mate” all the time, they do. All. The. Time. However, “G’day” is way less common than you would expect.


Kangaroos and Koalas are everywhere

This one is partially true. While Koalas can be found throughout the wild in Australia, they hang out in trees so you just don’t see them much.  If you go to the country areas of Australia, such as Bathurst, Kangaroos really are just roaming in everyone’s yards.  They’re mainly seen out at night and can be found in huge packs. Think of them as the deer of Australia. However, you’ll rarely see them in the coastal areas and big cities (with the exception of that one roo that caused chaos when it decided to take a stroll over Sydney Harbour Bridge at rush hour…)



Everyone is a surfer bro

Although Australia is completely surrounded by water, the majority of the population doesn’t know how to surf.  It's a nice idea that all Aussies are tan, blonde haired surfer dudes, but sadly that's just not the case. Trust me, I wish it was.  

The entire continent is a desert

Nope. Not true.  Granted a hefty percentage of the continent is indeed desert, there are so many more types of climates and landscapes.  Obviously, there are loads of beaches, but most people don’t know there are slopes to ski on and rainforests to explore as well.  



Shrimp on the barbie

This is honestly the dumbest stereotype out there, and I am tired of people asking me if I’ve had shrimp on the barbie while I’m here. Sure Australians do grill out a lot, but it’s not anything to gawk at. Plus, Australians don’t even call shrimp, shrimp.  They’re called prawns and not eaten more than any other food.


It’s always hot and always sunny

I wish this were true, but much to my displeasure it gets nice and cold here just like everywhere else.  However, it is pretty dang sunny even when it’s freezing out.



Aussies survive off of kangaroo meat and vegemite

Vegemite is regarded highly here, but it's not like you would imagine.  Some people eat it, some people don’t. No different than eating jam or honey on your toast.  Kangaroo meat isn’t commonly eaten at all. It’s available in supermarkets and the occasional restaurant serves a kangaroo dish, but it certainly isn’t a regular part of any Australians diet.  

One of the many deadly creatures that inhabit Aus WILL kill you

I’ll admit, I was one of these people when I first arrived. Constantly petrified that a poisonous spider or snake would crawl over my foot, bite me, and that would be the end of me.  I was convinced if I got in the water I would immediately be taken away by a shark, stung by a jellyfish or reach my demise by a stingray. However, I can happily report back that it's just not like that. I’m yet to even see any of these creatures, let alone be in danger from one.


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