What to expect at your first Full Moon Party!

1. There Will be a Paint-Filled Pre-Party

Fluorescent paint is a hallmark of the Full Moon Party, and all throughout the night, you’ll be able to find vendors offering to adorn your body in a variety of slogans, designs, and colours. It’s fun if you’re willing to shell out the money, but if you’re looking to save head to a local supermarket and just do it yourself! If you’re staying at a hostel or doing one of our trips, it’s standard practice to have a paint-party. Everyone will grab a pot and see how creative they can get!


2. People Start Early and Stay Up Late

Full Moon Parties last all night long, from before sundown all the way until sunrise. If you’re looking to make it through the whole night, don’t drink too much too early and definitely don’t forget to hydrate. There’s also no rush to start early – head to a quiet beach to watch the sunset then head over to Haad Rin for the real party at around 11 pm!


3. Alcohol Will be Everywhere

If there’s anything you won’t have to worry about at your first Full Moon Party, it will be where to get alcohol. Thailand is infamous for its buckets, filled with Coke, Red Bull, and all kinds of alcohol. All of the bars along the beach will have plenty of other drinks as well, but if you’re looking to save some money, head away from the beach to buy your drinks.

We advise staying away from Red Bull in Asia; it’s different than the Red Bull you'll find in most other countries. It contains additional chemicals and twice as much Taurine and Caffeine. Always be careful about how much you drink.


4. There Will be Drugs

Despite posted signs warning about the repercussions for doing drugs (which include time in a Thai jail), drugs of all kinds are readily available and often openly used at Full Moon Parties. Drugs are illegal in Thailand and police patrol the beach throughout the night, it’s easy to lose your friends in the crowd, and you’re right by the ocean. There are a lot of factors that make taking drugs at a Full Moon Party highly dangerous! For the same reasons, alcohol should also be consumed responsibly.


5. Wear Protective (but not expensive) Shoes

Between 10,000 to 30,000 head to Haad Rin for Full Moon every month. This inevitably leads to some broken bottles, vomit, and a myriad of other substances that you’re probably better off not knowing are under your feet. Nothing ruins a party like a piece of glass in your foot, so think ahead and wear shoes that will save your feet, but you won’t mind throwing in the garbage the next morning. You should be able to get a cheap pair of sneakers at the markets on the island for this!


6. It’s Easy for Your Things to Get Lost or Stolen

It’s dark, you’ve had one too many buckets, and the beach is crowded with people bumping into each other. You won’t even notice that your wallet is gone until it’s too late. Cover your bases and bring as little as possible – enough cash to pay for drinks, a copy of your passport instead of the real deal, and your room key. Trust me, you’ll be thankful the next morning.


7. You’ll Have a Lot of Fun!

A Full Moon Party is an experience unlike any other and it’s impossible to describe unless you’ve been to one. Staying safe is important, but don’t forget to have fun! A Full Moon Party is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many travellers would kill to have. So kick back, have some drinks, and party until the sun comes up.


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