What to Expect on our 18 day Thai Intro Trip

Arriving in Bangkok

Going through an airport in a foreign country can be a scary, stressful, and frustrating experience. We have made the first day as stress-free as possible by making sure your Group Leader will pick you up from the Bangkok airport and get you to our guesthouse.  Here you’ll relax and start to get to know your new best friends for the next two weeks.



Over the next few days you’ll get to know Bangkok.  You’ll learn how to make traditional Thai food that you can go home and make for your family and friends.  You’ll visit ancient temples and gain a deeper understanding and respect for Thai culture, and then see what Bangkok nightlife is all about with a night on Kao San Road.  At the end of day 3 we will take the overnight train to arrive at our next stop in the rainforest.


Khao Sok National Park

You’ll take an overnight train to your next destination, where you’ll spend the next couple of days relaxing and discovering this beautiful location.  Through tubing and kayaking you can explore all of Khao Sok National Park’s gorgeous lakes and surrounding mountains.  Spend all day and night on the water, as you’ll be sleeping in floating bungalows.


Koh Phangnan

Continue the beach bum life in the sandy paradise of Thailand.  Deepen your tan lines and relax with a traditional Thai massage. Get up close and personal with beautiful tropical fish on a boat trip around the island.  Once you are all snorkeled out, you can try learning the art of Muay Thai Boxing or opt for a private Yoga class.  Finish up your time on Koh Phangnan with a cocktails in the infinity pool, followed by a party on the island’s fmaous Haad Rin Beach.


Phi Phi Islands

Here we’ll take a boat trip around Phi Phi Leh to see the breathtaking views, stopping for snorkeling and kayaking in the pristine waters. We’ll hit up the incredible Maya Bay, where we’ll watch the sunset, have a few drinks and dinner under the stars, and see an unbelievable underwater light show. If you think the locations so far sound like great places to take some instagram photos, just wait until you see these views.  The scenery in Phi Phi is absolutely unreal and will take your photos to the next level. You’ll start off with a beautiful hike to even more beautiful viewpoints.  Next on the agenda is seeing the Paradise Islands on an exclusive boat trip with the group.  We’ll visit lagoons and beaches, and snorkel in the crystal clear water. The days will be filled with epic views and the nights with partying all over Phi Phi.


Chiang Mai

Finally you’ll travel up to Chiang Mai, the adventure capital of Thailand. The days will be filled with high energy and exhilarating activities including bamboo rafting and flying through the rainforest canopy on a crazy zip-lining experience. We’ve seen some crazy views so far, but there’s nothing quite like seeing the rainforest while flying through the air at high speeds. Now that we’ve seen the jungle from up high, let’s see what it's like up close on the ground. We will be staying the night in the jungle and wandering through it during the day.  We’ll visit awesome rice paddies and explore stunning waterfalls.  Once we’ve had our fill of hiking and discovering the hidden gems of the jungle, we’ll visit a local hill tribe to learn a bit more about life in the area.


Elephant Experience

In our final days together we’ll experience something truly special and sacred to Thailand.  We’ll get up close and personal with elephants in their natural environment.  You will get to feed and care for one of the rescued elephants and even go for a swim with the gigantic, loveable creatures. If you think that elephants are cute, then you will be ecstatic to know that elephants think humans are cute too.  You’ll be making their day just as much as they will make yours!

Before you know it your 18 days will be up, but don’t worry, the adventure doesn’t have to stop here!  You can continue exploring Thailand with the help of your Intro Travel Group Leader, or return home with memories that will last a lifetime!


Checkout the full itinerary and inclusions for our 18 day Thai Intro Trip here.

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