Why You Should Learn to Surf in Australia

Camp. Surf. Chill. 

There are many places in Australia where you can stay at a Surf Camp, from 3 days right up to 3 months. Here you'll learn the ways of the waves from locals dedicating their life to their ocean-bound passion. You’ll stay in surf shacks, camper vans and palm tree sheltered bungalows, and regularly be greeted with an enthusiastic 'Shaka' from others chasing the same good vibes you are. It’s a great way to fully immerse yourself within the surfer lifestyle!

If you're not surfing, you're not living! 

If you’re taking a Gap-Year and backpacking around Oz, you’ll quickly find out that many towns & cities across Australia are simply made for surfing. Regardless of where you find yourself you’ll be stoked that you’ve had lessons, can pick up a board and go join the locals (and we don't just mean the people). Many of Australia's picturesque beaches will have you catching waves alongside pods of friendly dolphins, migrating whales & much more!

Save money, gain freedom.

If you don’t fancy buying and carrying around a surf board, don't worry! You’ll find a lot of beaches have a store where you can rent one out for the day at a reasonably cheap price. With some beach-side stalls charging as little as $5 an hour, just throw some change in your board shorts and spend your day in the sea without fear of your backpack going walk-about. 

Top notch beaches

Australia is one of the best locations on the planet to find waves! From Noosa to Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay to Bondi Beach, Oz beaches are constantly rated as some of the best places to surf in the world. Take full advantage of the opportunity and try your hand at it!

Stay fit without the gym membership

Why go to a smelly gym when you can get a full body workout, a tan and an awesome day on the beach instead? Not only is surfing great cardio, but it's an excellent strength building exercise for your back, legs & core. Just make sure you slap on sunscreen and a rash vest as the Aussie sun can be meaner than a Spin Class instructor!

It’s just fun 

Last but definitely not least, you should learn to surf in Australia because IT’S FUN! There’s no feeling like catching a wave, and the more you practice the better you get! Lose yourself for a few minutes or a few hours in the beauty of Australia's coast, and make some awesome new friends along the way. A life spent surfing is a life spent happy!

You can Learn to Surf on day 5 of OzIntro as part of a group. Check out the rest of the itinerary, and what else is included here! 

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