Why You Should Visit The Red Center

Watch the Sunrise

Beat your morning grogginess and wake your OzIntro mates up early for the sunrise of a lifetime. One of the coolest things about watching the sunrise at Uluru is that every morning is different; sometimes the rock is red, sometimes orange or even purple. No matter what morning you choose, the sunrise is sure to be one you’ll never forget. Oh and the sunset isn’t too bad either.

Meet The Locals

The Anungu people have lived in the area surrounding the Red Center for generations. Traveling to their spiritual center, you’ll learn traditional dances and music as well as how the Anungus were able to survive and flourish in such a harsh desert landscape. Best of all, you’ll leave your trip with some super cool, fascinating new friends.


The farther you are from artificial light, the better you can see the stars. So just imagine how many stars you’ll see in one of the most remote locations on Earth. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s a thousand times better. Put down a blanket and be blown away by the most amazing shooting stars, constellations, and meteor showers you’ve ever seen.

Ride A Camel

Believe it or not, Australia has a lot of camels…a lot. In fact, Australia has over 700,000 camels which is more than any other country on Earth. But enough with the camel facts, they’re really cool. And at the Red Center, you can take a scenic camel ride around the rock for only 80AUD.

Free Music

When you think about Uluru, you probably don’t think live music; but just down the road in Yulara, bars, hotels, and amphitheaters put on live music every night. Walking around Yulura’s corky, fun nightlife you’ll hear everything from electric rock to indigenous country fusion. Best of all, the shows are all free!


After Oz Intro, we’ll set you up with a personalized backpacking itinerary loaded with epic stops like the Red Center and so much more. Check out our Oz trip for more info.

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