Why You Should Visit Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka

Udawalawe National Park is any animal-lovers dream. Sure, you can see cool animals up close at zoos, but those animals are kept in captivity. Doing a safari in a national park allows you to get up close and personal with animals in their natural habitat.

Wondering which incredible animals roam Udawalawe? 



So. Many. Elephants. They're everywhere and the one animal that you’re basically guaranteed to spot in Udawalawe.  The friendly giants are super playful and will likely get up close to say hello. Just when you thought elephants couldn’t get any cuter, you see a baby one. 


Water Buffalo

The water buffalo here are such a mood. They primarily laze around all day in the water and mud to avoid the flies (and their responsibilities). They basically look like giant cows with horns, sort of the equivalent of a unicorn to a horse if you really think about it...




Though quite rare, leopards can be spotted at Udawalawe; looking just as majestic as you would imagine. It’s quite a surreal experience to see an animal like this out in the wild.



Birds are everywhere here and they are beautiful. So many different majestic species to keep an eye out for. I’m talking all the colours of the rainbow in a range of shapes and sizes.



These ferocious creatures are spotted less often than some other animals, however, if you do spot one it’ll be unforgettable.  They're typically seen on the banks of the water when trying to find some yummy dinner to catch.




If you think pictures of peacocks are pretty, just wait until you see one in person.  The beauty of these birds is indescribable and truly mesmerizing.



To successfully spot monkeys throughout the safari, look up high in the trees and on top of boulders!  They're typically found in groups, grooming each other so they look extra cute for all the pictures you’re about to take of them.  



You may even catch a glimpse of a mongoose running across your path.  Definitely not your typical zoo animal, so make sure to snap a pic if you see one of these unusual animals! 



Ready to spot some of these incredible animals? You'll go on a trip to Udawalawe on our Sri Lanka Experience Trip, check out what else is included here! 



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