A city tour will guide you through the city to see the best attractions, experience the culture, and taste the best food.

Our city tours have several different inclusions to make sure you see the absolute best of the destination!

Here are some of our top inclusions:

  • Our Japan Adventure tour includes a city tour & sushi making class in Tokyo, as well as visiting the Golden Pavilion & the infamous Torii gates in Kyoto.
  • Our Oz Intro & Oz East Coast tours include some epic activities in Sydney. Whether you're walking the gorgeous Bondi to Coogee path, sipping on cocktails by the Opera House, or having a beach BBQ on one of Sydneys best stretches of sand, you'll love what this city has to offer!
  • The chaotic city of Bangkok MUST be on your bucket list. Our Thai Intro & Experience tours show you the best highlights of Bangkok, including a river cruise, travelling through the crazy streets by Tuk Tuk, and learning to cook traditional Thai food.
  • The vibrant streets of Mexico City are boasting with things to do & places to see! Our Viva Mexico tour includes a tour of the city, a traditional Mexican dinner & show, and so much more!
  • The unique city of Hanoi in Vietnam is definitely one not to miss. A walking & rickshaw tour, a night out in the town, and tasting delicious Vietnamese street food are just some of the awesome inclusions on our Vietnam Intro & Experience tours.